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AANF: Support for the Free Assyrian movement – AANF


AANF: Support for the Free Assyrian movement

The AANF wishes to congratulate all free Assyrians who mobilized to speak truth to power recently in an effort to ensure that genocide recognition occurs in the best possible form.  The U.S. Congress must come to know the full scope of our suffering, in all its tragic dimensions.  Assyrian Americans, urged on by Assyrians worldwide, actualized the principle of free Assyrians by mobilizing in such wonderful cohesion.  The AANF is only too happy to play its role in this mass movement and rising consciousness of what it means to be free Assyrians with the right and duty to bring the full truth to those powers deciding our fate.  We are sharing our communication from last year to the U.S. Congress, shortly after HCR 75 was proposed and our support was requested. This communication occurred alongside many Assyrian American organizations across the country; each led by those infused with the consciousness that free Assyrians must act in an unrelenting, undaunted manner as they speak truth to power.  More is needed by all of us and we will continue to carry our Nation’s message wherever it is needed, and we hope all Assyrian Americans who have heard this call will rise up and act.  There is no new organization doing this work and no leader to shoulder the burden alone for the rest of us.  The initiative and responsibility to act as free Assyrians sits with every existing organization and every individual.

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